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Types of Sessions

It's a common misconception that Picture Day is no fun. I've heard it all before - the stressing out over outfits and hair and your children's behavior, naps and bribes. I get it - I've been there too. Would you believe me if I told you that it can and should be fun? I know kids (and dads) have a time limit before they're over it. So we keep it quick and painless, and fun if you're willing! Family portraits are no longer just the posed, plastic smiles from your childhood. They're interactive, and cuddly, and even playful! They're candid and genuine. There's a good chance you'll see me make a fool of myself. If it means getting down on the ground or getting splashed at the beach, I'm in! The goal is to capture this time in your family's lives - the connections, the personalities, the love and the way you are together. Real life! So let's have fun and make some memories that you want captured in time to treasure forever.

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