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You know all those clichés about how children grow up in the blink of an eye? The days are long but the years are short...Here I am being another one of those people that confirm, unfortunately, that they're correct. They really do grow up too fast. One of my favorite parts of what I do, is capturing children as they really are. Not just the perfectly posed photo that you'll send to the grandparents. The ones where they are laughing and playing. The ones where they're interacting with you or doing the funny little things they do with their siblings that they didn't do a year ago, and they won't do next year. You know - the things you never want to forget. The greatest compliment that I ever get, is being called back each year by the same families. Watching your families grow and capturing all of those moments for you means everything to me! Call me! Let's find a special location that means something to your family and we'll capture all of these moments for YOU!

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